Gemino’s language services make multilingual business easy.

Gemino provides comprehensive services for the translation of any size, type or complexity of content. Apart from translations, we also offer individual solutions for optimizing sophisticated, company-wide translation processes. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to adapt your products and services for foreign language markets and business partners.

Our activities include software localisation and the multilingual adaptation of websites and multimedia content, along with testing. We also localise sophisticated, industry-specific content, product information and marketing materials in the languages you want. We specialise in combining linguistic expertise with the latest translation and localisation software.

Not only will your translation project be in the competent hands of professional, native-speaking translators, editors and experienced project managers; depending on your needs, we will also involve specialists in translation and localisation processes, foreign language typesetting, DTP and graphic localisation as well as intercultural communication – thanks to our international network of translation partners.

But Gemino has even more to offer than just the resources for meeting almost any translation need in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

What really sets us apart is our extensive technological expertise. Our translators specialise in using the latest translation memory tools. They are supported by our IT experts who play a major role in the further optimisation of translation processes, for instance, through developing and adapting interfaces to your system or integrating tools for machine translation. As a result, you as our client benefit from fast and simple procedures, high linguistic quality and low costs.


Translation memory – high-performance technology that saves time and money

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