Language services that are as flexible as your business.

Translation demand is quite varied. That’s why Gemino has set its sight on finding the translation solution that is exactly right for your business – solutions that enable you to meet your international business objectives, that are aligned with your operating procedures and IT, that take your deadline and budget into account, that guarantee the highest linguistic standards and that cause you the least amount of work.

Gemino is familiar with the procedures that boost the efficiency of the translation and localisation of content and media, and we adapt these to fit your requirements. To do this, we determine the best approach for each project and take over individual – or even all – tasks for you. This is done in small, specialized project teams which have developed over a long period of time. They know the best way to combine technical translators with TM technology to save time and keep costs low. Our clients benefit from our employees’ extensive linguistic expertise, broad specialised knowledge and in-depth understanding of localisation.

We have already succeeded in putting the ideal language service solution into operation for many of our clients. How do we do it? All we can say is: We simply know how it’s done and we’re flexible.


“With each new task we undertake, we strive to achieve the best for our clients. And each case is different. After all, the best-possible language service provider isn’t the company that can translate the fastest, the cheapest, or with the best quality. It’s the company that’s able to understand your unique situation and offer the right solutions for that particular situation.”

Christian Schwendy, Managing Director