We’re better when we’re working together.

Gemino is right there – where the best in the industry are, and where the next generation is being trained:

Gemino is a formative member of Elia (European Language Industry Association), giving specialised lectures and organising symposiums and continuing education opportunities. Christian Schwendy, managing director of Gemino, also serves on the advisory council of Elia.

Elia is an association of European language service providers that aims to promote dialogue within the industry in regard to current trends that affect the economy and language services. Lectures, the sharing of experiences, and knowledge transfer all contribute toward raising the professionalism of the industry on the international level, defining uniform standards of quality and thus continuing to transcend borders.

Tekom Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation e. V.

Gemino is a member of the Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation e.V. (tekom) – Europe’s largest professional association for technical communication and information development. With its broad scope of activities, tekom provides a platform for sharing information and experiences in the field of technical communication.

Sprachen & Dolmetscher Institut München | Hochschule Anhalt

We are in close contact with colleges that offer courses of study for translation and software localisation or technical editing, such as the Munich Language and Interpreting Institute (Sprachen & Dolmetscher Institut München) and the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Anhalt).

Our activities range from offering guest lectures and internship positions to serving as an advisor for bachelor’s and master’s theses. We aim to be at the cutting edge of developments in the field of translation and to bridge the gap between research and practice. And perhaps we’ll even meet future employees or translation partners in the process.