The best translation varies with each new assignment.

A company’s philosophy can be something very specific. At Gemino we redefine our philosophy with each new assignment, aligning it with the client’s unique demands for a particular translation and with our quest to meet these demands. And we endeavor to achieve this in the simplest, most cost-efficient way – with an uncompromising standard of language quality.

If we had to summarise this philosophy, “staying flexible” is probably the best way to put it. But you’ll get to know us a lot better by finding out a little about some of the tasks assigned to us.

Some of our clients are looking for highly qualified and certified native-speaking translators with exceptional training. Others want a language service provider who can translate unusually complex, industry-specific content and texts into one or more languages – on time and on budget. Still others need their software or website adapted to reach other languages and cultures (localisation) while their next update is already in the works. We also have clients whose content is created in decentralised systems and who order specialist translations as the need arises. Nearly all of our clients recognise the advantages of centralised, computer-aided translation and of archiving their multilingual content: security for the future and less time and expense for future translations. However, most clients don’t know this until they’ve spoken to us.

If your company needs translations with a very specific focus, Gemino is up to the challenge. We see it as our chance to provide you with translations in a simpler, more precise, more organised, more sustainable, more economical and even better way than others might. Our ambition is to be the best language service provider for each client we partner with. What else would you expect from Germany’s best language service provider?

Environmental Commitment

Besides powering its office space with electricity produced exclusively from renewable energy sources, Gemino hosts its servers in Europe’s most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly datacentres. With a power usage efficiency of 1.21, the total energy consumption is 25% below that of the average datacentre. Furthermore, Gemino is reducing the volume of travel for its employees, making increased use of video conferencing, and focusing on energy-efficient equipment when procuring new hardware.