Gemino’s terminology management: More consistency in multilingual texts.

Terminology management means defining language rules and key terms. Extracted terminology is then stored and maintained in glossaries and databases, ready to be used whenever needed. It’s important to carry out these steps before the actual translation even begins. Because clearly defined corporate terminology is the key to consistent translation. And it provides long-term advantages for the client: efficient terminology management ensures that standardised terms and spellings (e.g. names) are kept consistent for the life of the project and beyond. It allows the company to stand out against the competition through its corporate wording and it helps the company use corporate language as the basis for internal knowledge management.

Gemino has the technology and the knowledge to edit your corporate terminology in such a way that it becomes a long-term, effective tool for your multilingual business. Our terminology service can be scaled to fit individual needs. It ranges from the identification and extraction of company-specific key terms to the creation of multilingual, web-based glossaries and terminology databases with thousands of entries and user-friendly search features. We also use the Gemino Glossary Manager – our proprietary, web-based terminology management system that can also be used independent of a specific translation project or assignment.