Many products and web sites feature translations by Gemino. In the past 20 years we have carried out language services for more than 240 companies operating in all kinds of industries.

Industry Area of expertise
Automotive engineering Automotive engineering
Business/financial services Auditing services, tax advice, corporate finance and consulting
Business/financial services Business consultancy
Electronics/electrical engineering Navigation and multimedia systems
Electronics/electrical engineering Electronic components
Energy management Power grid control technologies
Energy management Energy production and distribution
Energy management Wind and solar technologies
Internet SEO/SEM
Internet Digital media
IT/hardware Telephony, call centre technology and data network solutions
IT/hardware IT infrastructure and solutions
IT/hardware Storage media
IT/hardware DSL, hosting, internet services
Law International legal advice
Lifestyle Sanitary ware, bathroom furnishings, tubs and bathroom fittings
Lifestyle Online shops
Lifestyle Porcelain manufactory
Lifestyle Games
Logistics Software solutions
Mechanical engineering/technology Automation
Mechanical engineering/technology Construction machinery, agricultural machinery
Mechanical engineering/technology Seals, vibration control components, filters, nonwovens, release agents, mechatronics
Mechanical engineering/technology Cooling and ventilation systems
Mechanical engineering/technology Office supplies, labelling systems
Mechanical engineering/technology Railway vehicles
Medical science/medical engineering Laboratory diagnostics
Medical science/medical engineering Imaging
Medical science/medical engineering Ophthalmology and Neurology
Online marketing/advertising Campaigns
Pharmaceuticals Medications, vaccines and pharmaceutical services
Software Medical administration and organisation software
Software Graphic design and digital media software
Software Content management systems
Software Cloud computing and backup management
Software Geographical information systems
Software Audio, web and video conferencing services
Software Performance, data recovery and data security software
Software Web-based project management solutions
Software Linux distribution
Software CRM software
Software Data mining (statistics)

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