Machine translation with post-editing. And with considerable cost reduction.

Gemino uses the latest technological capabilities to save time and money while carrying out top-quality translations. We even use machine translation (MT) as a tool for suitable projects. The major advantage of this technology is the significant increase in efficiency, which can considerably reduce translation costs.

Machine translation is based on software that can translate material almost independently with the help of statistical and rule-based computations. In their professional use at Gemino, the MT systems create a rough translation of the source texts, after which the translation quality is further improved through “training” the software as the project progresses.

In most cases, the resulting translations are then edited further by specially trained linguists who compare the machine-translated content against the original, ensuring that the translation meets the specified linguistic standard. Ideally, this translation should match the quality of a translation carried out by a specialist translator. Depending on the source text, the translation costs can be substantially lower than for a “regular” translation.