Multimedia Localisation: Making Translation an Experience

The significance of multimedia content is constantly increasing – and hence, so is the need for translating and adapting these media for the target markets. This applies to mobile applications, animations, image and utility films, and multimedia training seminars, as well as visual and interactive elements in your business’s information media.

The localisation of multimedia content requires technical expertise, since the applications are often complex and technologically sophisticated. Effective multimedia localisation calls for close cooperation between IT specialists, translators, voice-over artists, cultural specialists, graphic artists, and experienced project managers. The text, image, audio, video, language and animation content all undergo localisation-specific production and analysis cycles in which technical aspects, knowledge of the industry and subject matter, and the cultural context all must be taken into consideration.

Gemino is a partner that meets all of these requirements. We’ll support you in localising your media with the best possible quality and at the most reasonable price possible. In close consultation with you, we’ll develop the localisation processes and solutions that are right for your business – and we’ll implement them from the initial analysis, through structured and controlled processes, all the way to the final product.