We manage languages, processes, technology, formats and media. And time and money.

A simple translation can actually be quite complicated. Especially when internationally oriented companies continue to grow and have to operate in multiple languages.

Entering new foreign language markets presents new translation needs and a change in the workflow: carrying out updates and adjustments in numerous languages requires different processes than when handling just two or three languages. It raises the question of how the translation processes can be efficiently managed, even in the future.

Choosing the right language service provider is more than just a matter of business economics; it can provide a long-term solution to the question of a company’s translation management. And often this is possible without having to make major investments in hardware, software and personnel. Many of our clients have been pleased to learn this for themselves.

Gemino is aware of the demands that multilingual communication places on a company. New content is often created in different languages, different locations and different IT systems. The content also usually consists of different formats and media types. It often needs to be accessible in a quick and consistent way – in a central location and in multiple languages. And as international business continues to grow, the amount of content to be translated also increases. Isolated applications within a company are becoming less and less efficient at providing a long-term solution for this need. New technical and organisational solutions are needed.

At Gemino we know business-related translation processes inside and out. We have the resources and knowledge to efficiently combine translation memory systems and other technology with the work of specialised translators. Our modular, flexible solutions support you in centralising, networking and simplifying your translation processes. In short: We help you manage multilingual communication in a simple and cost-efficient way.