When your translation has to sell: Marketing adaptation by professional copywriters

Special conditions apply for the translation of marketing documents. Because your customers shouldn’t just read properly translated texts. They should also get the message through communicative ideas and creative advertising content. Such marketing adaptation goes beyond the scope of a typical specialist translation.

After all, the exact translation of a marketing text might not have the necessary effect in terms of advertising. Sophisticated customer-oriented texts also cannot always be conveyed 1:1, requiring unique linguistic solutions. And sometimes a new, creative idea has to be developed in order to bring across the right advertising message in German or English.

Gemino offers the option of having your marketing and advertising texts edited by experienced, creative copywriters after having been translated into German and English. The effect: Your advertising medium “sounds” the way it should. The language is clearer and easier to read, and your slogans, advertising messages and ideas are adapted for your German- and English-speaking customers.