A lot of people can translate 100 words well. But we can also do it with 100 million.

Gemino’s work processes conform to proven standards (EN 15038:2006), guaranteeing translations of the highest linguistic quality – even on long-term projects.

Each translator and editor we work with undergoes a careful selection process. They either have a degree from a recognised institution, the equivalent training and two years of professional translation experience or at least five years of professional translation experience. Our proofreaders and technical editors also have specialised training. At Gemino we believe that two pairs of eyes are better than one. We strictly adhere to the practice of having one translator carry out the translation and a second one proofread and edit the translation by comparing it against the source text in line with prescribed criteria. At the client’s request, we can also have the text reviewed for accuracy by a further editor who specialises in the particular field (e.g. a doctor). We use a documented process for quality assurance and project execution and we have our own style guide that is used as a reference for translations. Texts are analysed before the translation begins and are subject to a strict approval process throughout the various stages of completion.

Gemino also works with translation memory systems (server-based translation that saves parallel texts to facilitate future translations) and systematically uses and develops glossaries and style guides. This preserves the consistency of the language, style and terminology used during a long-term project and even beyond.


“Of course the price also plays a part, but it’s not the main part. At Gemino, we certainly don’t aim to be the most expensive. Still, dealing with content that has been developed within a company and that needs to be translated is always a complex matter, and as unique as the company itself. This, in turn, calls for a unique approach – which is what we offer. When it comes to translations, we want our clients to focus on the money they will be earning, not the money they are spending. And a cheap, last-minute solution is rarely the best one.”

Stephan Bettzieche, Managing Director