Our software tools: Only the best for our translation partners.

The most important software used at Gemino is the intellect of our translators, project managers and technicians. As an independent language service provider, we’re also not set on promoting – or selling – any particular third-party software. On the contrary: if you use, or want to use, a specific software, chances are good that we will be able to work with it.

Because Gemino is familiar with all relevant translation tools and works with them daily. We use these tools with the sole objective of meeting the demands and conditions of the given project – regardless of whether it needs an individualised, modular solution or if the translation process doesn’t require extensive software. With every tool and system we use, we ensure interoperability and the support of open standards. After all, we don’t want to limit you or ourselves in the freedom to make decisions for the future.

Proprietary tools – that is, tools that Gemino has developed itself – also come into use. These include the Gemino Glossary Manager, which simplifies terminology management for clients and translators, and the Gemino Query Manager, which facilitates communication between translators, editors, project managers and the client in the event of questions, serving as a clear record for everyone involved.